About Us


My name is Cathy Viets, and along with my husband Richard, I am the new owner of babyKAMP. I wanted to tell you a little about who we are, and let you know how excited we are about this new adventure.

Sewing has always been a part of my life. As a young child, I watched my mom stitch away at the kitchen table, making clothes for her kids.  It all took on a new level when I was in 5th or 6th grade and my mom told me I had to learn to make my own clothes that year, because she could no longer keep up with all the sewing needed for our growing family (5 kids).  I started sewing that summer – and never looked back!  Home Economic classes for me became an easy “A” and a place I could stitch up new items for my wardrobe.

What started off as my own personal clothing needs has become many things to me.  For a while, it was a way to raise extra money for my family. I produced beautiful bridal party gowns, prom dresses, pageant dresses, competition skating costumes, restaurant uniforms, Care Bear copies when you could not buy a Care Bear – the list goes on.

It was also the way to have plenty of clothing for my own kids. I remember summers at the fabric store where my daughter and son carefully chose the perfect prints for their “jams shorts”. It was so much fun to see them create their own looks – knowing no one else would have the same outfits!

Currently, sewing and crafting is my sanity check, a way to come home from a high stress job and feel like I am accomplishing something positive.  I see something new, and I start producing…selling my inventory at local craft shows as “Cathy’s Originals”.

Now, with the purchase of babyKAMP, I see my lifelong joy becoming a path to my second career.

When my husband Richard and I met with Maria to consider the purchase of babyKAMP, we were taken aback by the beauty and simplicity of the babyKAMP products.  On the way home in the car, we talked a lot about it, we were BOTH so excited by the possibilities. He suggested this would be something he could help with, and wanted to do!  As he has searched for an idea for his second career, nothing I suggested hit the mark with him, but strangely, the babyKAMP business did.  It was something we could do TOGETHER…and not one of us working in the basement while the other was upstairs in the sewing room.

My husband Richard and I have been married for over 40 years.  We have a daughter Lisa, a son Rich and his wife Amanda, and our precious granddaughter, Hadley Grace.  We share our home with two dachshunds, Tad and Millie, who were both rescue dogs.

We plan to continue with babyKAMP in the same way that Maria, and her aunt before her, started and grew the business.  There will be some new offerings, but they will remain in the tradition of babyKAMP.  I hope you will continue to support babyKAMP, and provide your feedback.  Let us know how we can best serve you as a customer.